T.Boyd and L. Miller for Gronk OR Kelce

I need a TE this week and thinking of offering T. Boyd and L. Miller for Gronk or Kelce. Thoughts?

would be a steal. go for it

If you sent me that offer as a gronk/Kelce owner, I would probably just ignore you and not engage in trading.

If you have people in your league dumb enough to accept this though, then go for it.

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Would you still ignore if you were 0-4 and you were thin on your WR and RB?

Each of the Kelce and Gronk owners are 0-4

Kelce Owner:

Gronk Owner:

Yeah, because that offer is a lowball to me. Seems like a lot of people think that just cause someone is 0-4, they all of sudden forget how football works and start making trades that don’t even benefit them. There are also others in the league they can trade with, you’re not the only one to trade with. If you approach with this trade, anyone with half a brain just throws Gronk/Kelce on the trade bait and and probably get offers better than what you’re offering pretty quickly.

Lamar Miller frankly sucks,partially cause of him and partially cause the Oline is trash. boyd is a flex play who has outperformed the last couple weeks and Kelce/Gronk will finish as TE2 and TE1 ROS. I do think Boyd will continue to be productive going forward but he is still a match-up dependent flex play.

I’d rather go to my waivers this week and grab like a Hines and pair him with Kelce/Gronk and that pairing probably outscores miller/boyd ROS then trade away kelce/gronk for pennies on the dollar.

Accepting this trade would be the definition of buy high and sell low.

Also, although they are thin on RB and WR, the situation isn’t nearly dire enough to accept the trade your proposing.

The gronk owner has 3 guys who are better than if not equal to boyd and has 2 RBs who are better than or as good as miller.

The Kelce owner has 3 WRs who I think are better than if not equal to boyd ROS and has 1 RB i would prefer to miller and one who is slightly worse than miller but then has Bell coming back for week 8.

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I’ll put it this way: I’m about to offer Antonio Brown for Kelce and Alshon Jeffrey.

I would definitely rather have AB in this deal but that’s just me.