T. Burton, R. Freeman for J. Reed and L. McCoy. trade?

I am in a 10 person league…
I am being offered…
TE: Trey Burton
RB: Royce Freeman
I am giving up…
TE: Jordan Reed
RB: LeSean McCoy

I dont have any backup TE.
My other RBs are
Leonard Fournette
Jerick McKinnon
Dion Lewis
Tarick Cohen
I am tempted to do this trade… because of all the talk about them by the ffballers…
Just wanted to see if others would do it or not…

I really like Royce Freeman, like a lot. His situation is about as good as Barkley’s, perhaps even better actually. O-line should be better, two great Wideout’s to keep defenses honest, and a Qb that is just as good as Manning. McCoy is the only thing going in Buffalo and his age and mileage could become a factor, finally. Jordan Reed is great, but he’s looked real good sitting on the bench injured most of the time.

I would take this trade.

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Make the trade


Will wait until tomorrow to pull the trigger.
Just wanted a sanity uodate…

Don’t wait. Do this now.

Don’t know if you pulled the trigger already but DO IT.

Royce is in a fantastic situation and it’s only a matter of time before Booker is only getting a couple of snaps a game just to give him a rest and Trey has so much upside.

Then with Reed, it’s not a matter of if, but when will he get hurt and you will be scrambling on the wire hoping for a decent TE. With McCoy he is just getting older, so who knows how he will continue to hold up/perform.

I like both the pieces your getting better than the pieces your giving. Do it.

Do the trade ASAP

100% take that trade

Do the trade asap

Take take take that cake cake cake

Why can’t I ever be offered this trades… I couldn’t click accept fast enough if it were me


Lol RIGHT?!?

The league vetoed the trade. :frowning:

You need a new league


Any league that vetoes trades deserves to die. Collusion is the only time trades should be veto’d. Just find a trustworthy and competent commissioner and give them veto rights. It’s almost always the better decision then leaving it up to majority votes where everyone is only looking out for themselves.

that’s pretty fair

you probably have TE on waivers in 10 man

I think Lesean will be as good as last year…although people love Freeman he has not done it yet. I think count on reed busting but again Bur has not done it… I like burt and freemen although its a gamble