T. Coleman for OBJ?

My RBs are: Elliot, Coleman, Lewis, I. Crowell, J. Williams, L, Murray, J. Allen, and A. Morris.

My WRs are: Adams, Hopkins, Edelman, and Stills.

His RBs: Henry, Powell, J. White, Cohen, and D. Johnson Jr.,

His WR are: OBJ, Crabtree, Sanders, D. Thomas, and other bench guys.

What do y’all think? Trade for OBJ or keep Coleman?

Wtf…Is this real life? If that offer is on the table, take it and run. It’s not even close to remotely fair.


Hahahahaha AMEN MIKE!!!

I was going to offer him Coleman and stills for OBJ. He is the D.Freeman owner.

If you can get it straight up for whatever reason he would be willing to do that great. But I don’t see this being a fair trade but if he is willing to do either one I would jump on it