T. Coleman or R. Freeman & Woods

Who wins this trade?

Team A: Receives - Tevin Coleman

Team B: Receives - Royce Freeman and Robert Woods


I would say the Coleman side wins, but I don’t think Robert Woods is gonna finish the year out with 0 receiving Touchdowns, so positive regression is coming, especially with Cooks seeing a specialist about his too frequent concussions. To say which side won the trade I’d have to know what the rosters look like on both sides after the trade. If team A for example had Royce Freeman and Damien William’s as their backs and Robert Woods and De’Andre Hopkins as their Receivers with say maybe Mohammed Sanu or Curtis Samuel to replace Woods then I’d say Team A won the trade, but if their backs were the same and their Receivers were Robert Woods and something like a Christian Kirk then I’d say Team A lost too much. So it depends on the post-roster. I can say however that the trade was pretty fair, Coleman is a lead back on a team that runs more than any other team in the NFL this year, and Royce Freeman is a passing down back on an offense with new life, but he’s still a back-up behind an explosive runner. And Robert Woods has not lived up to his draft value thus far, but there is a good chance that changes going forward. So Team A gets a player with a very solid floor and a nice ceiling, and Team B gets two players with low floors, one with a capped ceiling and one with increasing upside. Team B took the riskier players hoping for Boom games. Fair trade.

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