T>DIGGS for kerryon and b.cooks : which side wins?

full PPR
I am giving away diggs for brandin cooks and kerryon Johnson
who wins this trade?

Without knowing the team needs, I’d rather have the Kerryon/Cooks side. Minnesota is a team that wants to run more and they’ve had pro-passing game scripts a lot so far. I’d sell high on the Vikings WR’s wherever possible right now.

Minnesota’s DEF needs to get better to favor a run heavy offense - as long as the other team is score these guys will eat. That being said I have high hopes on Kerryon and Cooks has been a strong WR2 so I would rather have the Kerryon and Cooks side as well

Interesting points guys. Any other inputs?

Im trying to get little more depth and trying to win a trade :smiley:

No clue what anyone is talking about Minnesota preferring run. This season stats certainly do no support that claim. They have a slinging QB with some solid WRs and they’re throwing. As others have mentioned, until the Minn Def starts playing better it’s going to be an air attack game script.

This is coming from a Diggs owner but I believe he has sustainable value this season. He is a great talent, as is Cooks. They’re both playing with new QBs so rapport should still develop on both ends. This decision comes down to your needs at RB. Cooks and Diggs are similar talents both in solid passing offenses with good QBs. Can you use KJ? Do you ever see yourself playing him above your current RBs?

I love him as a talent but he is a fixture of my bench until Detroit attempts to fully realize his potential.

My WR: Theilen,baldwin,allison,cole

My RB: cmc,breida,chubb,clement (Fournette IR)

This is my situation

Pretty solid RB situation you have, assuming LF comes back to health. It’s almost a push situation but as you mention, you gain depth. Flip a coin.

THanks for the replies…

I think diggs is more or less equal to cooks. Cooks might be lesser but I think kerryon as is provides enough value to make this trade even but has the upside to make it lopsided. This is coming from a die-hard vikes fan and I would still prob take that trade

Yea thanks for the advice. Im a big digs fan as well.

Goodluck everyone for tomorrowo

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you end up making this trade?

Id make the trade. I see Cooks and Diggs as near equal. Diggs being a better fantasy player though. Kerryon could very well be a great starting running back. I have faith in him which is why I would make the trade.