T. Hill and T McLaurin for Marlon Mack in PPR

Should I trade T. Hill and T McLaurin for Marlon Mack in PPR? Your thoughts please.

Was this an offer or are you wanting to offer it?
Depends on your depth and what both teams need.

No if you’re talking about Tyreek. Mack is ok, but you’re giving up too much (assuming you’re on the Tyreek + Terry side). If you’re on the Mack side, you’re winning

Thanks for the quick reply. I am currently 1-3. I currently have:
RB:A. Eckler and Kyrion Johnson
WR: Marvin Jones, Will Fuller, D. Metcalf , M. Hardman, Tyreek Hill and Scary Terry McLaurin.

I was the one who first sent the request but cancel it but now he proposes the same trade. :confused:

ugh, that’s tough, if he’d take terry and another of your WR I’d do it in a flash, but I dunno if he would. Tyreek for Mack and another bench WR from him might make sense. otherwise I might go Tyreek for Mack straight up since you really need a win. Other problem is we don’t know Mack is going to play this week!

I think you’re giving up too much for Mack. You’re going to need Tyreek when he comes back, especially in a PPR league.

I’d propose Just Tyreek for Mack. Pretty equal trade, and that way you can keep some WR depth.

Do not trade hill for Mack. He is robbing you. If you are trading hill go bigger then Mack. You can pull a more solid option with hill. When he might be coming back very soon. He only sent you that offer because ita a steal for him.

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