T Hill & DJ for my Zeke & Howard

Just been offered this trade in a standard scoring league. Thoughts?

No way. Zeke is literally the funnel for the cowboys offense. His floor is RB1 week in and week out. Especially in standard. Cohens game was a matchup thing, you can’t expect such low output for Howard going forward

Nah. Stick with Zeke. Especially in standard.

NO WAY! Maybe counter with Jordan Howard with a lower tier RB for DJ

Cheers everyone. Think its because I’ve never had Zeke in any league over the years and being a very anti cowboys fan I just auto think of trading him haha.
I think I will try the Howard and another player for either DJ or Hill as my team could do with some more high ceiling players

My team right now is:

(2 flex league)

and my bench
J.Howard (Bye week)

Its a 12 team league with 6 bench spots so the waivers are very thin pickings each week. Trying to trade my way to a solid line up without much need to change except byes

Just sent the following trades out to see if I get a bite:
Ingram for Howard and Coutee (He has fuller and i outbid him by 2 on waivers)

DJ for Howard and Agholor (Or given him the option of Monty or Westbrook or Coutee instead of Agholor)

C.Thompson for Monty and Agholor

(Oh and Bears D on my bench due to bye week)