T. Lockett 4 K. Hunt

Dynasty league, standard scoring.

WRs: Lockett, T. Hill, Metcalf, Edelman, Kupp

RBs: Chubb, Michel, Gibson, Coleman

As you can see, lacking any sort of significant RB depth. I love Hunt this season but I’m wary of trading Lockett AND idk about having two Browns on my team (even though I think they can both get upwards of 20 points any given week).

Anyone want to throw some thoughts my way?

I think owning Lockett and Metcalf makes it easier to trade one. I love both. Dealing with a similar situation in my league where Im thinking of trading my K Hunt for Thielen.

Youre also in a tough spot as youd own both Chubb and Hunt.

I love Hunt but wouldnt want both CLE RBs. Maybe move a WR for another RB?