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T. Montgomery for D. Adams


Hello #Footclan,

I have been offered the following trade:

I send: Ty Montgomery (RB, GB)
I receive: Davante Adams (WR, GB)

My current roster:

QB - S. Bradford, A. Luck (IR)
RB - M. Gordon, K. Hunt, M. Lynch, T. Montgomery, M. Gillislee, T. Cohen, T. Riddick
W/T - J. Nelson, D. Thomas, E. Decker, P. Garcon, W. Snead
K - Open
Defense - LA Rams

We start 2 RB and 2 W/T with 1 W/R/T flex position. 0.5 PPR.

Does this deal make sense for me? Or am I putting too much stock into GB receivers?


I think the move is a bit steep for Adams. I would aim for a higher tier W2 like Diggs or Fitz


Don’t do it! Montgomery will touch that ball many many more times. Especially in the red zone


Hard pass. That is a ludicrous offer. If you believe in Adams (I don’t, and personally wouldn’t do th8s trade either, but it’s better than Monty), I might counter with Gilly. I certainly wouldn’t pay a dime above that.


Thanks for the advice everyone!