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T. Montgomery or J.Crowder?


Who would you go with for a 10th round pick? I am able to keep one of these guys from a team that I am taking over from last year. Thank you!


10th round?? that’s awesome! I’d be happy with either, kind of depends on your early round strategy-- are you going WR or RB heavy for first three? whichever philosophy you end up going with, I would choose the opposite position for your 10th rounder. I’m going to miss Montgomery having both the WR and RB tag on ESPN, it was cool having a player who was a flex designation hahah


Yes I like the way my league is set up haha. I will be keeping Tyreek Hill as my 9th round pick. So I will probably be going RB/RB/WR. Of course that could change but I planned on RB heavy in the first few rounds. That would have made my decision easier haha.


Yeah then I would probably go Crowder, especially if this is ppr format.


Crowder all day for me. He showed his chops a bit last year in a crowded reciever core, now he is the number (1? 2?) With a fantastic QB. Ty on the other hand, just had 15 RBs drafted behind him . They are looking at options that are not him pretty hard.


It’s interesting, Ty Montgomery was explosive when given the shot last year. The only thing that really held him back was pass protection, which kept him off the field. I think the Packers want him and need him to be that triple threat, and I think he has the smarts and skills to polish off that aspect of his game. Everyone’s very high on rookie RBs after what Zeke did last year, and understandably so, but there’s something to be said for 3 years of experience in the Packers’ scheme in both the WR and RB coaching rooms. All those other (DAY 3) guys are just learning the playbook and attempting that transition to the NFL. He’s got a great handle on the playbook, just needs to focus on blocking for #12 and he could be a huge value in fantasy. I mean, c’mon-- he gets to play the Lions and Bears twice a year!