T. Pryor Help

What are your thoughts on him moving forward? Is this a funk, poor Cousins chemistry, or true Pryor. I’m looking to deepen my WRs in a 3 WR league. I have Green, Hilton, and Fitzgerald, but have been stacking RBs: Gurley, Martin, Ajayi, Gore, Buck Allen and Mack since draft and waivers. I’m sure I could get Pryor cheap…or should I shoot for a better WR ?

I would go after him, and Cooper if you aren’t able to. I think you can get him next to nothing.

I think he’s going to get better and you can probably get him for cheap from someone who’s fed up. Issue is players like him and watkins have performed and usually the ppl with them had enough depth that they can keep them stashed incase they start to be good again

im starting him this week at WR2, and i have amendola and tyreek hill on my bench. in pryor we trust