T. r. a. d. e

I got offer Lamar miller and Cobb and I’d give up Hyde and Lindsey. What do you all think? I like Cobb this year for a good matchup/bye week fill in this year. I also feel like Hyde is TD depended, but I also kinda want to see what’s the most I can get for him.

Would prefer to ride out Lindsay and see what he is this week. He could be an every week start over Cobb who is a flex play at best. Hyde and Miller if baker Mayfield is in in would say it’s quite tight.

I also have Royce on my team as well so I’m kinda wanting to hold on Lindsey. But thanks for the advice

I would hang on to Lindsay because I think there is a chance he has a special season the rest of the way.

I would not accept. Hang on to Hyde and Lindsay. You lose that trade as is IMO.

Hyde and Miller are close to a push and I feel Lindsey is better than Cobb at this point.