T. Taylor / Fournette OR Michel / J.Conner lottery ticket?

Which side do you like better? Fournette is not handcuffed. Neither is Conner with Bell.

Taywon Taylor, not Tyrod Taylor

ppr or no? and are you stronger at rb or wr?

.5 ppr. Equally strong at both. 12 teams

That is seriously tough. But, I think I go with the side giving you the best, currently playing guys, and that’s Sony/Conner.

i have high hopes for taylor but it’s really a complete question mark ROS. fournette is dealing with something that could easily nag at him the entire season. and if he does return to full form, i think it’s going to take more than a few weeks for him to get there, to put it mildly. jax def is feeling the heat over bringing him back to soon, and they aren’t gonna take chances with him again unless the season is on the line and Yeldon isn’t cutting it – which hasn’t been the case at all so far. Yeldon has been a very capable replacement.

that leaves you with only getting production from one player, taylor, with nice potential in PPR, but very uncertain value at this juncture. on the other side, you get a very good RB in Michel who is improving every week and on a team that is going to compete at a high level without any doubt the entire season, and Conner, who has a couple more weeks of good matchups in him, and then at least a chance of continuing to play beyond that. anything can happen with Bell. esp if the Steelers really start falling out of playoff contention. if that happens, Bell is never going to play, and Conner’s value will jump right back up again.

i go sony/conner

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an argument on the other side, for taylor/fournette, is if the Yeldon owner really wants Fournette and you think you can get something good out of that. OR, if the Yeldon owner is very willing to part with Yeldon, and you think you can make that happen at a reasonable cost to you. if those are the circumstances and you can get Yeldon quickly and pretty cheaply, or if you can get something very legit in exchange for Fournette (basically something equating to Michel’s value), then it’s worth a shot on that side.

that seems a lot more complex and prob more of a stretch to make happen though. so, i think i’d still be more interested in the michel side. i’d also make a push right now to acquire Bell if you do take Conner here, and i’d be willing to give up a lot to get him. bc with he and Conner on your team, you are guaranteed an excellent RB play every week of the season whichever way that goes down. then you’ve got Michel too. Michel just showed tonight that he is a certified top 10 RB imo. i wish i had figured out a way to get him earlier.