T.y. hilton for nelson agholor

Should I sell high on t.y. and trade for agholor in a .5 ppr? Ive tried shopping t.y. and nobody is biting so I think agholor is the best I can do. Should I do it?

It’s now or never on T.Y. I doubt he’s going to have a game like the one he just had. I’d trade for Agholor. He may not have as high of a ceiling but he’s at least more consistent and in a better offense. T.Y. also has Pittsburg this week, a bye the week after, and Ten, Jax, Buf, Den, and Bal. His schedule is looking very difficult the rest of the way. Maybe try packaging Hilton?? Maybe do a 2 for 1 to get a better player or a standard 2 for 2. But if Agholor is your best option then I’d still take it.

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the people in my league hate 2 for 1s for some reason so I cant do that. I think agholor is the best I can do. Thanks for the advice

It’s because it forces them to drop someone before they can accept the trade so if you’re playing in a league with small benches then it can be a pain in the ass.