T.Y. Hilton or JJ Nelson? 0.5 PPR

Hi all,

I really like Nelson’s upside this week. Which one would you start? Thanks!

I would stay away from Hilton with Luck being out. Last week was a clear view into the world without him. Nelson could possibly have more targets his way with the Zona running game being gouged last week.


Thanks for the advice.

Haha who would of thought people would be deciding between last year’s league leader in yards and JJ Nelson? I agree, probably should stay away from TY and with John Brown out, JJ could be a solid play. The one upside for Hilton is that there’s no more Tolzien, it’ll be Jacoby Brissett.

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Thanks man!

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I wonder if Brissett will make a huge difference or not…

A difference but not huge. Gonna wait and see before throwing TY out there.

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Yeah, I tend to agree. I wonder why the footballers still have Hilton ranked a bit higher than Nelson

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Probably because he’s the team’s number 1 and has a higher floor but Nelson has the higher ceiling this week.

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Good point. But do you think Patrick Peterson will shadow Hilton?

He does shadow more than anyone…But I don’t think he does in this one. Moncrief is just as capable, if not more than Hilton at burning a defense. They might just take away one side of the field all game.

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