T.Y. Hilton

Would you try to target TY Hilton in a trade? He did awful last night but his potential is there. Thoughts?

Hell. Yeah.

That owner is probably going to be upset by his performance last night. A) Is it PPR? 2) whats your team look like?

Depends on your team and what your needs are.

1/2 PPR

D. Murray
D. Martin
C. McCaffrey
L. Murray
J. Allen
D. McFadden

Mike Evans
D. Funchess
D. Parker
T. Pryor

He has Aaron Rodgers I have Cam Newton and Dak. Dak is an every week starter for me so I have some wiggle room. I am thinking about giving him Cam and J. Allen for TY. He has Terrence West and has held on to him.

If he goes for that then yes, I would do it. You need some WR depth.

I would so target him, Luck looks to be about 3 weeks away also which helps. With the bad week maybe you get a good discount

If he goes for that, then definitely. If not, maybe try to package Pryror and Cam. He may not want to give up a WR for a back who splits time.

True. I sent him the proposal. West is supposed to be out for a little bit longer from what I heard on the podcast today. We will see if he counters the trade or not.