T.Y., Robinson, and Thielen

Reek just put up good numbers on me so I gotta get this right! Question is, can I trust T.Y. with Luck out? I can only start two of the guys in the subject. Standard scoring.

I would lean away from TY until Luck is back. I like Robinson this year and I’m def hooked on a Thielen

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Get Arob and Thielen in there.

That’s where I was leaning, but it feels like I’m being too cute. Plus, T.Y. is on Berry’s Hate list so that’s almost guaranteed to generate points.


Haha that is funny, but trust this Colts fan. We are atrocious without Luck, and TY has really no chance of having a good game.

Thank you sir! And good luck to your Colts. I’m gonna need it :slight_smile:

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Feel like we’re discounting TY way too much. If you take two games our of Thielen’s sixteen last year his stats go from 967 and 5 to 638 and 2. I get that it’s a far from ideal situation for TY, but the dude is still a 3x pro bowler, league leader in yards last year. The Colts have known for a long time Luck wouldn’t be playing, it’s logical to assume Tolzien and the recievers have prepared a little right? If I had to choose between TY and Thielen, I’m taking a chance with TY.

It’s true that if the ball gets to TY he’s going to produce. His yards per reception are consistent with and without Luck. But I have serious doubts as to whether or not Tolzien can get the ball to him.

And I agree with you about Thielen. He shouldn’t be in this discussion, but this is the reality I live in for the foreseeable future.

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