T.Y sitting there

Available to be picked up off of waivers. He got dropped because of bye week need (dumbass). Would you drop Juju for him? Injury bug is hitting my depth hard. I can’t see myself ever starting Juju if Rudolph is throwing him the ball.


My receivers: Mike Evans, John Brown, Manny Sanders, Austin Hooper, Juju

if the deadline has not passed see if you can get anyone to bite on juju maybe package him and then pick up ty

You don’t have any RB’s to drop?

for me it depends on who is in your flex. If you have one of your WRs in your flex try and set up a two for one trade to free up the space. If you have a quality RB in your flex and can’t get a trade done, I would drop Manny as TY is an upgrade for me and could be a league winner…if he gets back!