Tade Help: Penny for Josh Gordon

I was offered Josh Gordon for Rashaad Penny by the Carson owner in a 1/2 PPR league. Should I take this trade?

What’s your RBs look like
If you’re good I’d say yes. Carson’s on the verge of losing his starting job bc of the fumbling

My RB and WRs are:
RB: Aaron Jones, Montgomery, Sony, Miles Sanders, Peterson, and Penny
WR: Julio, Adams, Godwin, Mcluarin, and Westbrook.

My WRs are solid but half of them found their way on the injury report last week. I was thinking I could take Gordan and combine him with an RB to try and get one that is more steady.

I think your WRs are really good. Holding Penny might be worth while bc he could be a starting RB.

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