Tae Adams Trade

I got offered Mike Evans, Tyrell Williams, and Josh Gordon for Davante Adams in a 0.5 ppr league. My other receivers are Mike Williams, Marvin Jones, Nelson Agholor, Demarcus Robinson. What do you guys think?

Do you want to move Davante Adams?

Not necessarily, but my team is lacking a bit in depth.

I think that’s a lot to get for Davante so I would def do it; I think you could play all 3 of those guys just about every week.

I’m just hesitant because I have Waller at TE and don’t really want multiple pieces in that raider offense. Also, I’m not sure who I’d drop.

I think the main component is if you believe in Mike Evans, cuz he alone could be valued for Davante Adams if he catches on.

I believe Mike Evans will put up better weeks than he has so far, but it looks like he’s the second option behind Godwin in Arians’ system.