Take a chance on Corey Davis, lose Marvin Jones?

Thinking of dropping Marvin Jones to pick up Davis, whom was just dropped in my league. Strength of Schedule is much better for Davis, but I can’t remember if Tannehill is actually a competent QB. I believe he’s an upgrade to Mariota, that much I feel confident about

What say you?

Prefer Jones.

Tannehill is likely going to produce more of the same result as the O line has been terrible.

Agreed … I was intrigued enough with the QB change to drop Dorsett when he came off my IR vs. Davis, but sort of already regret it. My WRs are Evans, Gallup, Boyd, and Jones, though, so not sure how often I’d go that deep anyway.

Ok cool. I really thought it was Mariota sucking. I haven’t seen enough Titans games to determine. Thanks!

I’d keep Jones over Davis. Davis is really overrated and he stunk it up for me last year. I ended up dropping him which was ultimately a good decision since I wasn’t tempted to play him. Unfortunately, I had to drop Jones this week as I am going to play the game of having two streaming defenses to prepare for this week and next week. Unfortunately, someone else picked him up. I need some wins so I opted for keeping some potential “blow up” guys (Robby Anderson and Golden Tate) depending on the matchup. This tactic was especially needed since I over estimated how good JuJu and Robert Woods would be this year. I thought I was lucky to draft a mid WR1 and high WR2 and ended up with two low WR2/ high WR3s instead.