Take a chance trade with Carson

First, I would be giving up Carson in this trade. I send Carson, D Parker, and Noah Fant. I receive Gaskin, McClaurin, and AJ Green. Reason is Carson has a gauntlet coming up: SF (if he plays), Buff, LA Rams, Arizona, Philly. Last two weeks he has Wash & LARams. Gaskin finishes with: Jets, Cinncy, KC, NE, and LV.
Might be dumb, thoughts?

QB: Murray, Teddy
RBs: Mixon, J. Taylor, Carson, Henderson, Gibson, Bernard
WRs: AJ Brown, DJ Moore, D Parker, M Brown
TE: Jonnu, Fant

The talent level of Carson > Gaskin is too wide. I wouldn’t do this. And Carson on a better team as well that points up points.

Ultimately the trade boils down to Carson for McLaurin and while getting McLaurin is nice, I’d rather have 3 strong RBs (Mixon, Taylor, Carson) as opposed to 3 strong WRs (Brown, Moore, McLaurin)