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Only have about half an hour to make a decision and I wanted some input

I need the Dallas D to score 20 points or more to win tonight, it seems unlikely but its not impossible.

I could also drop them and instantly add a player that either has not played or is on bye this week. Wondering if this is a bad move. I am in a decent standing, and while a win would help i dont feel great about the D putting up so much.

Players available include: Dalton, Hines, Westbrook, Agholor (these are probably the only ones I’d go for) Hurns, Gallup, Taywan Taylor

What say you footclan?

I see your point, but will any of those FAs help you out or sit on your bench?

Points For is how most of my leagues handle tied records, so in cases like that, I want all the points i can get.

Great point. This league has a lot of close records so the points are probably worth more to me.

I’ll add to that though. In other league where I had sealed a win I went ahead and made a claim because Jacksonville was available, and while they havent looked great they have a good remaining schedule and I wont be streaming every week.

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Yup - that’s my approach anyway. Im up 20 with Cowboys tonight and my opponent has no one. I considered dropping them for a streamer QB next week since Cousins is on a BYE. But there was no one I like available, and looking ahead to next week, I should be the only team streaming a QB so Im taking my DST points

I think that’s a fine move. If you see value and the win is a lock, go for it. If there is no value, rack up the points

I also am only up by 6, so in the case I started Dallas and they completely pooped I could lose and it wouldnt be worth the risk. With a big lead I think you have nothing to lose but a few points.

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I’m streaming cowboys tonight as well, how’s everyone feeling about them? I’m losing by .28 pts as long as they can get 1 or 2 pts or more I win this week

In my biased opinion I think they are going to have a good game. I wouldnt expect it to be a shootout

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I did the same thing man. Had a comfortable matchup this week so dropped my DST and played with the Jags on a Bye. I think they get back on track coming up soon though which is why I grabbed them before next week.

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They should get you what you need. I don’t see them going negative since they’ve actually been decent on defense.

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Someone dropped the jags you think it’s worth stashing the DST

yeah, had this happen in multiple leagues and I think its a great move. Look at their upcoming games.

Indy twice, PIT, TEN, BUF, WAS, MIA - these are all pretty good especially if you are in good standing.

Nice dude! I picked up the rams for this morning then I dropped them for Doyle. I have njoku and I’m just going to keep both on the roster to choose between the two TE. That caused someone to drop the jags for the rams now I have the jaguars :leopard:

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Picked up the rams this morning*