Take me to trade town. Need help with week 7 trades!

Im new to trades. Need some FootClan advice. My team is 2-4 and in need of an RB 1. There is another team in my league at 1-5 who needs an WR 2. He has both J. Ajayi and D. Feeman. Im considering a package trade with Pierre Garçon or L. Fitz and either James White, Isaiah Crowell, Matt forte or Marlon Mack. Thoughts? Thanks Foot!!!

Would need to see the rest of your team… But only thing I see right there that would maybe get a bite would be fitz and garcon for one…

But not knowing starting requirements and what your full roster is like it’s hard to give you the best advice

Larry fitz and matt forte is your best bet there. you may have to settle for ajayi too, he likely wont want to get rid of freeman

My other WRs are Green and Dez. Other RBs are Hyde and Mixon.

week 7 trade value #'s

Pierre Garcon

Larry Fitzgerald

Devonta Freeman

Jay Ajayi

getting freeman out of that i don’t think will happen… Unless you add another

Thank you! Where can I find those numbers?

here you go