Take risk Julio plays?

Currently have Julio in my starting lineup. My best option to replace him in Preston Williams but he plays tonight, so to put him in my lineup I would need to either sit Julio or Keenan Allen on Sunday. Do I take the risk Julio plays or put Preston Williams in my lineup?

any emergency waiver wire options available? I think you’ll find out Julios status prior to sunday, so if you have legit 0 options you might have to do it. At the very least it’s a good matchup and fitz played well last week

I can play Jeff Wilson or Adrian Peterson if Julio is out, but I would rather play Preston Williams than those guys.

Yeah i agree it’s most likely your best bet. With Atlanta having plenty of capable pass-catchers i wouldn’t be suprised if he sits this week, and if he does he won’t be 100%. It’d make me sick to my stomach but i’d roll out Williams to be on the safe side. At least it’s a good matchup