Take the loss or hit the waiver wire?

Sitting in second with 5-3 record and the Byepocalypse has hit week 9. All my WRs are on bye.
Thomas, Kupp, Woods, Ridley, and Green. Should i hit the waiver wire and drop my backup RBS (Sanders and Singletary) for one week WR rentals? Or would would you just take the L this week?

Is there a trade you could make with one of those backup RBs maybe?

Seems like the best option. Maybe trade for one WR and drop kicker for a second

Yeah see what trades you can try first, somebody will always need a RB. Sanders especially, he got injured, so may not play much, and has Chicago, BYE, and NE coming, so not much value to you. Shop them both, maybe you can get a decent haul.

And honestly, Woods isn’t good this season. On the show today they talked about his abysmal stat line all season (under 1000 yards, no rec TDs). You may be able to trade him off name value, coupled with one of the RBs for someone good.

Trying to see if I could get a Mike Williams or John Brown for Ridley or Sanders.

That would be a good move IMO, get a WR for this week, and a decent option for the ROS. If you can get 2 WRs for Woods/Ridley + Sanders, that would be ideal I think.

Gosh I hope so. Dropped my kicker for the best WR on waivers which was Kirk (playing SF barf).

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Haha, as a Niners fan going to the game tmrw, with Kittle and the 49ers D, also playing against the guy with Kirk this week, I must laugh and wish you luck, hoping you can pull off trades lol

Oh and I have Kyler playing too…may as well just take the L

my condolences.

Is there any other QB you can stream?

Our D has given up 2.5 points TOTAL to QBs the last 4 games…

(I might consider actually dropping him for a streamer. Next 4 weeks is: SF, TB, SF, BYE)

Would love to get Josh Allen but he doesnt clear waivers until Saturday. Other options are Carr and Darnold. Biggest issue is to stream them the only players i can really drop are Sanders or Singletary.
I guess i should just drop those guys if i want a chance to win unless the rest of my starters can make up for the points lost

My recommendation:

Drop Murray for Carr. Carr is actually playing pretty well, and has Detroit this week, who’s 26th against QBs (he also has a pretty good QB schedule next few weeks anyways). Darnold also has a really nice schedule next 6 weeks too (MIA, NYG, WAS, OAK, CIN, MIA).

Both of them are better than Murray for the next 4 weeks atleast, I’d consider it.

Or even offer Murray in a package trade for a WR or backup QB. He’s just not good for the next few weeks (except maybe Tampa, but that’s between a Bosa sandwich)