Take The Trade?

Trade offer in a full PPR, 6 Man league:

Get: Kelce, Jefferson, Hopkins

Give Tyreek, Robinson II

My Team:
RB: CMC, Jones, Ekeler, Gibson, Patterson
WR: Hill, D.K., Kupp, Ridley, Robinson II, Lamb, Godwin
TE: Hock

His Team:
RB: Taylor, Carson, Swift, Jacobs
WR: D-Hop, Adams, Jefferson, cooks, Williams, Dj Moore
TE: Goedert, Kelce

Please help! Thank you footclan!

I would absolutely take this trade! You get the number 1 TE and I don’t see Robinson bouncing back this season. I think Hopkins has a good chance to bounce back to a higher target share and Jefferson is going to give you some hige games like an off brand Tyreek. I would honestly probably take the trade even if it was just Kelce and Hopkins.

@jarebear13 thats kind of what I’m thinking too. He switched his mind and wants me to give him cordarelle instead of Robinson. Should I just add Robinson in there to get rid of him and ask for more, or what should I do?

That makes it tougher, but I think I would still take it. You can also maybe try to throw Robinson back in and see if he’ll add Jacobs. Just so you can keep some RB depth. Not sure he’d do it though with the uncertainty of the Carson injury.