Take this right? HIS Tate for MY Breida and Bernard

First and foremost, this guy admitted to me he was drug into the league and doesn’t follow football super closely. I have a feeling im dealing with a taco. just talking over trades he said he would do his Tate for my Bernard straight up…

obviously this would get vetoed as the rest of the league is very competitive. I mentioned throwing in Breida so that this trade can actually go through. I want to put together a package for Tate and possibly Jordan Reed. Want to send Bernard and someone else. or even try 3 for 2. If not i take Tate for Breida and Bernard right?

League: 12 team half PPR, superflex, 3 WR

My Roster
QBs: Mahomes, Cousins, Bortles

WRs: Adams, Agholor, Cole, Callaway, Baldwin

RBs: Hunt, Bernard, Breida, Freeman, Kerryon, Buck Allen

TE: Burton

His Roster
QBs: Stafford, Smith

WRs: M Thomas, Tate, Woods, Crabtree, Nelson

RBs: Fournette, Collins, Clement

TEs: Reed, OJ Howard, Watson

Tate is my main target, but would also like to maybe snag Reed. What kind of offer can i put together? like I said, hes a taco so I can probably win a trade but also don’t want the league to veto it.