TAKEN - Keeper League - Looking for active member to take over a team

I’m the Commish of a keeper league with super engaged league mates. I’m looking to replace a manager so please message me on Sleeper if you’re interested. My username is Stuckabuc

Here are the league details:
QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 FLEX, DST
Free league
3 keeper league (with 1 round penalty based on the previous year’s draft)
Draft will be in late August
Your draft spot: 6th

Your team: (you keep 3)
QB: Mahomes (4th round)
RB: Chubb (1st round), Gus Edwards (9th Round)
WR: AJ Brown (8th round), Aiyuk (12th round), Gage (9th round), Coutee (9th round), P. Williams (9th round)
TE: Hooper (13th round), Fant (8th round), Tonyan (9th round)