Takeover 2 Dynasty Teams

Hey if you are new to dynasty, I am in a pair of leagues I am looking to leave. Both finished their first season. They are free but I got in some money leagues so Im looking to leave the free ones but want to find a replacement to help out the league.

10 man, super flex, ppr and a 12 man 0.5 ppr. I can send the rosters if you like. Both good teams and competitive.

12 man, 1 qb, 0.5 ppr:
Qb. Ben, jimmy G, Matt Ryan
Rb. Devonta freeman, lamar miller, breida, j.williams, ekeler,
Wr. Obj, diggs, cooks, tyreek, pettis,
Te. Vance, herndon

2020 - 1.06, 1.12, 2.06
All 2021

10 man, SF, ppr:

Qb. Mahomes, rivers, darnold
Rb. Saquan, drake mostly
Wr. Diggs, keenan allen, watkins, crowder, tyrell, gallup, stills
Te. Waller

2020 - 4 x 1sts (2 top 4)
2021 - all picks

Both rosters set 2 rb, 2 wr, 3 flex, qb, te, def with the second team also having a SF spot.

Lmk if youre interested in taking over!