Taking a chance on Michael Thomas?

Anybody taking or took a chance on Michael Thomas late in drafts? Last couple times I did a mock I was able to get him in the 12th or later. Is it a good idea to draft him late and keep him on IR until he comes back?

That’s one of the unknowns going into the season. It’s not a risk I’m personally willing to take–I seem to get rosters loaded with good WRs already–but I suppose if you find yourself late in the draft and thin at WR, he could be a good stash.

Thing is, they put him on PUP, so he’s out at least through their Week 6 bye. And then the whole injury thing is weird–why did he wait all offseason to have the surgery done? Why does it seem like Thomas doesn’t even WANT to play for the Saints any more? It feels like one of those AJ Green things that could drag on all season. And if you only have one IR slot, of course you won’t be able to use it for anyone else for at least 6 weeks.

So it’s risky, and there may be a limited payoff, if it pays off at all–but it’s a swing for the fences if you need one.

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Just found out there are 2 IR spots. So I’m taking the chance