Taking a player to fill IR spot to keep them from other owners?

10-man, 0.5ppr, 4-man keeper league.

Is it worth it to snag a player off of IR just to keep him out of other rosters? I don’t need either Marshawn Lynch or Albert Wilson, but they’re either free agents or on waivers. Would it be worth it to remove one of them from the pool so another team can’t stash them to their IR slot and use them as a keeper next year? I’m not even sure if it would be worth it really, but Lynch alone might be taken based on his name. Might even be able to trade him away to a desperate team at the end of the year for draft picks or something…

My current roster is below, so I don’t think I’d ever end up keeping either of them. I could keep him for the season, and drop him when it’s over. Just a thought. What do you think of this strategy?

The problem would be you’d have to drop a player to pick up Lynch. If you drop Malcolm Brown, i don’t think anyone would pick him up, but it’d be a small gamble. The rest of your team is really solid.

You also might consider picking up McGuire. He was supposed to be the Bilal Powell before he got hurt, and Powell was pretty solid.

Nope. Our league allows direct to IR pickups. Even if it didn’t, I’d just drop my kicker and snag another one.

Also, I don’t think I could bring myself to start anyone on the Jets… :poop: