Taking a Zero

Standard scoring. Currently 6-2.

Need a D this week but don’t really want to drop anyone with Byes, injuries.

Ryan, Winston
Zeke, Conner, Samuels, L Murray, R Freeman, M Sanders
Godwin, T Williams, Gallup, Ridley
Hooper, Fells

Would you drop anyone or take a Zero…

I’d look for trades. Maybe a small upgrade but it’ll get you another win. If you feel it’s clearly a loss that’s one thing but even then you’ll need room for the rest of the season so it’s better to try and move on now

I will try some trades but I think I might drop Murray. Hate to do it but he is on Bye and then Kamara is back.

If anyone was to take a zero better with a Kicker or Defense.

Depends what defenses are available.

Best available are probably Vikings, Browns,Broncos.

Browns are the best out of that. Play the Broncos with a backup rookie QB starting his first NFL game.

So would you drop someone.

Who is Butler?

Sorry Harrison Butker

Bumping please.

Take a zero at either D or K or drop someone.

Would definitely take a 0 in D/ST before I took a zero in the kicker slot. A startable kicker usually averages more points than your run of the mill defense and are much less likely to blow up in your face than a streaming defense.

True hopefully I do not get burned.

Would you drop Lat Murray ?

Either that or Jaylen Samuels (I assume this is what you mean by Samuels above), I think Conner should be good to go.

I think Sanders and Murray have more upside obviously than Samuels barring a Conner injury. Idk if anyone in your league would try to scoop up your handcuff.

I drooped Samuels before and grabbed him last night as Conner has been hurt quite a few times this year so would like to keep him.

My opponent has quite a few players on bye but hate risking the zero .

The Kamara owner has the 49 ers D but not trading for a D lol

Bumping for any other input. Thanks

Wentz, drop Samuels and pick up a D. You have Hooper coming off of a bye next week so you can drop either Fells or the new D and move on from there. I see no reason to take a zero to horde roster spots. There is always something new and changing with the waiver wire. Be smart and don’t lose by 2 while taking a zero to spite someone not having Jaylen Samuels on their roster.
“You play to win the game”