Taking Advantage of Gus Injury

12 team full ppr

my team
QB: Brady, Hurts
WR: Lamb, Lockette, Deebo, Pittman Jr, Bryan Edwards
RB: Barkley, Mixon, Mostert, Conner, Mckissic
TE: Higbee

Owner who had Gus had him as RB2 and no depth behind him.

His Team:
QB: Herbert, Burrow
RB: Gibson, Gus, White, Dillon
WR: Hill, Cooper, Anderson, Chase, Parker, Cobb
TE: Hooper, Ebron

Think trying to take a stab at trying to get Hill is possible? Could offer Barkley or Mixon straight up, or a combo of Lockette+Mostert. Unsure if taking the hit at RB depth is worth it with viable options so scarce.

Let it simmer for a week and hope he drops his week one match up, you might get him on a tilt and get a better deal

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