Taking advantage of the Titans/Steelers postponed game

Is anyone trying to trade for Titans/Steelers players?
I think I’m going to try to trade Miles Sanders for Derrick Henry.
I think I am out with Eagles. I know Sanders is practically that offense but if Carson Wentz doesn’t put them in position to score then I’m not sure I want to keep him.
A friend of mine thinks it’s a bad move but I think Henry(If the Henry owner accepts) would look great with my other RBs: Zeke, Jon Taylor, Jeff Wilson, Chase Edmonds, Tony Pollard, Cam Akers.

don’t think they’d accept but i guess it’s worth a shot

Depends on how badly the Henry owner needs a win. If he’s 0-3, he might take that trade, but if hes 1-2 or better he’d probably just take the L this week and move on to the next, no need to gut your roster to buy a win