Taking DK from last place team

Guy in last place desperately needs an RB (Henderson, Lindsay, Peterson, Snell). He is open to trading Metcalf, but also has Godwin, Robinson, Cooks and Landry. Two weeks ago he offered Robinson for Gibson, but after Gibson’s big two weeks I think I can get Metcalf off him.
With my lineup, should I hold my RBs or send one for a WR upgrade?

RBs - Clyde, Carson, Gibson, Dobbins, David Johnson, Hyde, Jamaal Williams
WRs - Moore, Diontae, Mike Williams, Deebo

So I think adding a top Wr is what your team needs If your comfortable rolling carson and ceh out the rest of the way you could do it.

I might try to pair a wr with a rb to try and get him if you could maybe dobbins or dj and williams?