Taking my loser bracket fun to a new level?

Every year that I don’t make it to the championship, I try to win the loser bracket/3rd place game/whatever with the worst lineup possible to keep things interesting. Usually I just drop my least valuable players (Pettis, Boyd), but this year I’m feeling like making it interesting and dropping my top guys (Saquon, Chubb, etc.) to see how it affects the championship game. For the sake of the league, is this a very bad idea, or should I just go for it? Also, which awful players with upside should make my final lineup for this week?

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SEE…that’s the kind of “attitude” that this whole FFB game/hobby was based on from the start!!! We all set out to try to WIN…BUT…when we don’t, instead of just giving up and saying “THE HELL WITH IT”…those like you with a great attitude decide to find a way to continue to figure out how to end your season with a smile, laugh or even just a little chuckle.

I commend you my friend!!! You are of the mind-set that made this great “sport” what it was intended to be!!!

May I offer you a friendly :hugs: from one FFB enthusiast to another!!!

You’re one that gives this great sport/hobby one to still be proud to be a part of!!! WELL DONE BUDDY, GOOD FOR YOU…AND YOU GOOOOO!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

LOL…still chuckling over this one!!!

You’re the best my friend!!! Another :hugs:

Thank you, sir! Here’s what I’m going with I think:

Unless anyone has someone else they think I should go with?

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You had it right the first time. This is a bad idea…unless you’re trying to get kicked out of your league next year. In that case, great idea.


I would kick u from the league and not allow u back in next season tbh


Yeah, i agree with this
you are completely destroying the league integrity and if one of the players in the championship had waiver priority, they could easily clinch victory by merit of that.


Yeah, thinking about it more, I’m just gonna stick with my usual plan and drop the useless guys. Thanks for the input everyone!

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I would love to see u win 3rd place with some crazy moves like going for O’Driskol as qb

But the others here are right imo, you just ruin the champion ship game, by droppimg those studs, thats the problem.

Could have cost u some friendships :smiley:


Not a fan of this at all. I lost in the semis but I’m going all out to finish 3rd because I think I had the best team and was unlucky to get knocked out.

Playing a load of bums is a lose-lose because if and when you’re defeated, it takes the victory and competitive match up away from your opponent, and if you somehow win it’s just disrespectful.

I made a couple of waiver moves because I want to win, and the lads in the consolation bracket have gone all out to win that too. That’s why it’s such a great league.


If my league were like that, then I would take it more seriously for sure. But in this league, usually when they’re done, they’re done. Some don’t even change their rosters for the last few weeks and play injured guys. I figure that’s all the more reason to play around with it a little bit.

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Ah, well that’s absolutely fair enough then. Sad that they stop bothering after they get eliminated, though. Our league is really active and once I’m knocked out, I focus on winning my head to heads and individual series’ against my rivals.

I have a couple of rivalries I’d go for as well, but the guy I’m playing this week still has Hunt and Crowell on his roster…somehow he made it to the semifinals before losing too

I kicked someone out of our $100 league for doing this, it isnt fair for some of your other league members to add high value players during the last week when teams have worked hard to build their rosters. If its not for money then go ahead but if its not for money then get a new league anway!


I would never do something like that in a money league…this is all just for fun. I would be horrified if someone did that in a league with money involved


Our league has an enforced ‘Undroppable List’, so if I even tried to drop Saquon, the NFL app wouldn’t let me!
As other said, drop your bums, not the stars that isn’t fair to those in the final game to try get an advantage over each other.

One thing you could do is what the 2 players in our Losers Final (9th v 10th) did last year - they both agreed to play just ONE bum bench player. Made for a really funny and interesting redzone session for everyone, seeing 2 crap players scrambling for points to not be the wooden spoon winner!

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@llc thought you’d be interested…

I pulled it off! Mostly thanks to CJ Anderson

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@hurricanetht…sorry…just now saw this. LOLOL…that’s GREAT!!! Thanks for keeping me posted here. GREAT JOB!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That’s a boneheaded move. Would 100% kick you out of any of my leagues

I am with you on everything but dropping your studs. I see no problems in dropping potential grenades like Cowboys, Saints, etc… that someone might pick up thinking they are going to help only to sit. good luck. I do like the playing bums aspect.