Taking on another SF dynasty team

Hey all,

Looking to take on a second dynasty league this season. Would be happy to take on an orphan team in a great league. If there are folks out there who are looking for someone, shoot me a message here or on Sleeper (mpgraves).

I’m starting up a 10 team superflex dynasty league. $25 annual dues, first two years dues required up front. Let me know if you’re interested!

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Message me on sleeper?

Hey. Can I get some more info? Is this league on Sleeper? HPPR air PPR? I might want to add another dynasty league. I have two dynasty leagues right now. I’ve been playing dynasty for 4 years now. Redraft before that.

Hey @MegTobey I have the league filled up at this point, I’m sorry!

No worries. Thank you for letting me know.