Taking the temperature on Burkhead

Hey guys, how does this community feel about Rex Burkhead going forward?

I’ve seen a few comments from people on here saying not to trust him, but I’m just wondering if that’s just a ‘don’t trust the NE backfield’ thing. Hill is done for the year & they’re never going to give James White the lion’s share of the ground game. Are people just higher on Sony Michel? Sounds like he’s debuting this week.

I was thinking Burkhead is a fine flex play this week, but the concussion is making me hesitate.

I’m trying to sell him for the most part unless I also have Michel. His value still isn’t bad because we’ve seen him play and get a strong workload while we also haven’t seen anything from Michel. I’m selling him though because the potential for him to lose the majority of his role is real so I’d rather package him with a solid WR to try and upgrade an RB or WR spot if I can. I don’t think you need to sell him but that’s my position on him right now.

The only league I have him in I also have Michel. I just figured I’d be able to get at least 4 weeks of production out of him before Sony takes the reigns.

If you have them both I probably wouldn’t bother selling. You have the guys that are worth owning and even if things change you have the one you need. Obviously if someone comes around with a great offer go for it but I wouldn’t be actively looking to sell in that situation.

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Remember when the Patriots said, “burkhead will be the focalpoint of the offense” LOL

That’s what I’m saying! I could buy it if they didn’t draft a RB in the 1st round and if he owned the James White role.

I mean they gave him 18 carries which is nice but the concussion and 1st round rb dont help