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Taking two TE's early in draft


What are your thoughts on taking two TE’s early in a draft? We have PPR scoring 2 RB 2 WR 1 Flex RB/WR/TE 1 TE.

Only asking since I’ve been doing mock drafts taking Kelce and Reed or Gronk and Kelce early and my teams have looked pretty good I think.


So one argument against this;
You only need to start one TE but need to fill at least 2 slots for each of the other skill positions.
Broken down based on total points in one of my leagues last year (1/2 ppr): only 4 TEs scored at least 189 points (Kelce, Rudolph, Olsen, Graham) - two of those are players you could have gotten relatively late in the draft, and, to state the obvious, none of them are Gronk or Reed.
Meanwhile, 33 WRs had at least 189 points, with 17 of them having more than 223 (the total Kelce had as the #1 TE), and 20 RBs had at least 189, with 10 of them having more than 223.
The goal coming out of the draft is to set yourself up with a roster that has the highest potential points per week possible but by taking 2 TEs early, you are not doing that.

AJ Green or Gronk?

Completely agree with Jared. Think about the WR/RB potential you’re giving up that your opponents could be getting instead.


I get the allure of this strategy, I’ve had a couple different top tier TE’s drop to me in the first 4-6 rounds of a few different drafts. the few times I’ve tried doing it and actually playing it out in a league, I’ve always been disappointed by the end of the season.

Jared has the best answer on why this will probably work out the same for you, his stats are hella instructive. But there’s another downside to this that I don’t think people always consider. When you follow this strategy, you have basically taken your flex spot and turned it into a 2nd TE spot. Sure, you don’t have to play both of your high draft capital guys every week, but most years, you’re going to have to if you want to withstand victories all year long. If you luck out and get mid round RBs and WRs who become more valuable than you’re 2nd TE, that’s awesome, but then you’re left with a really expensive backup to what is arguably the least important skill position in fantasy taking up room on your bench. If one of your mid round guys doesn’t step up, you’re team is locked into a certain style of lineup almost every week, essentially a no flex one. That makes it hard to work the matchups from week to week.


Jared Nailed it - While it’s also a little game-theory type stuff to “take away” a top TE from your opponents, it just doesn’t pan out in most leagues.


Perfect breakdown, thanks Jared


Definitely agree with Jared here. Back in the day when the Flex position was a new sexy addition to a league, circa Travis Henry and Priest Holmes era, the league I was in adopted the RB/WR/TE flex and a couple of guys that couldn’t find quality RB’s thought this would be a good strategy, it’s why they voted the TE’s as an option. Unfortunately, playing the two TE’s week in and week out, just never seemed to work in their favor. Bye Weeks, ya, it’s another option, but probably not a well to keep going back to on a regular basis.