Talk about a crazy league finish

Coming into the final week all we knew was 2 people were locked for a bye, one team was clinched for the playoffs, and the rest of the final 3 spots were up for grabs for presumably all but the only team at the bottom.

Then this week happened. We are in a spot that 2 teams have the bye, I’ve moved into third, the team that clinched moved down to fourth, another team sealed up the 5th spot, but then…

The remainder of the league (5 more teams) will be left at 5-8. The deciding factor is supposed to be head to head. Well how is that going to be factored among 5 teams??

My guess it will go with points scored total as a default. But we currently have no idea who will assume the final seat.

Wild. Wouldn’t head to head mean the team with the best record vs those 5 teams? If there’s a record tie, I would assume points scored would break the tie.

Not quite as much movement but; the top scoring team in my league was just eliminated from the championship playoffs (top 4 only, no bye) this week. Best he can do is 7-7 and 4th placed team was set to lose this week on projections until his opponent lost Hunt and had no depth, then forgot to set the lineup (chaos ensued) so 4th placed team locked it up with their 8th win and can’t be caught.

This is the team that i now thankfully wont be defending my title against come week 15.
Wilson, Gurley, Lindsey, CMC, Juju, Boyd, Kittle, Greg the leg, Vikings DST. Standard scoring. Needless to say his rage on the group chat is real lol

That’s quite a roster to be eliminated from contention. Good for you though:)

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I honestly don’t know. Just going to wake up tomorrow morning and see what the system spits out.

It can really depend. In the MAC for example, they take the teams with a tied record and then look at how each fared against the team 1 spot below the tie in the seeding. If all tied teams beat that team, they go one below. The last team remaining that has not lost to any teams below them has the tiebreaker, regardless of wins/losses against the teams in the tie.

It will probably just go to points in the fantasy situation but there are always weird rules in non fantasy sports

Lots of leagues in a photo finish. I should have been finished after 3 of my starters were traded at the deadline. Somehow, I rolled the dice on the right waivers and bam, was right back in it and even better than before. Amari Cooper, Hyde, Tate. Replaced them with Boyd, Chubb and Ridley but I did stash Tate. Probably drop him after tonight.

Usually it is H2H(ish) record between all of those teams throughout the season. So if there are five teams tied for the last spot, but somehow one of those teams was 4-0 against the other 4 teams they are tied with, that team is in. If two teams are 3-1 then it is their H2H match.

my 8 league league has the last 2 people in a combined 3-21 so its a 4 way tie for first at 9-4 and 5th at 8-5. so im in first with 200 more points then the next guy but with week 14 being the last regular season week its going to be crazy since no one is safe. Im the only lock since the 2nd-3rd team play

One guy in my league won his game yesterday by 2 points with Kennan Allen as the last player for either team. That win took him into the 6th and last playoff seed. He wasn’t looking good before that!

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