Talk me off of the ledge!

I’m tilting over here! My receivers are Julio, A. Rob, Aiyuk, Claypool, and Shinault. Should I keep all of them and just not panic on week 1 or should I try to move on from some of them via trades or waiver wire? My RBs are Ekeler, N. Harris, Mixon and Javonte Williams. Please help :sob:! PPR format, thanks.

Deff think you’re overreacting, Robinson had 11 targets so regardless of the poor throws that came his way he’s still getting the volume and that’s more than half the battle in fantasy football. You’re likely going to need to bench Aiyuk, but you have to assume the chemistry between Tannehill and Julio will improve, they were getting blown out and just looked flat out rattled.

Shenault also had 9 targets, although i’m hesitant about him due to the team he’s on. Regardless, 9 targets is a solid number and if he can turn in anywhere from 5-7 catches out of that that should be more than fine for WR2/3 numbers. Jags will likely be down early most games and will need to air it out to stay in it, improving his chances.

Both steelers and the Bills offense just couldn’t get it going yesterday, and i really like Claypool’s talent. It really comes down to weather you believe Big Ben is washed or not. I don’t think he did enough yesterday to get a good enough return on him in a trade, so you may be better off waiting another week or 2 to see how things shake it.

All in all, i think you’re just tilting from having a rough week 1, but you’re not the only one in that boat. The opportunities are there, aiyuk is the only one that you may need to cut bait on, but even that could be a wait and see situation. When Shanahan said Dante Pettis needed to learn how to be a pro, he basically never saw the field again. He made the same comments about Aiyuk, so he could be headed down the same path. His talent might save him from that fate however.

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Thanks for the sound advice! Aiyuk is definitely concerning considering his draft capital (fantasy). I think the difference between him and Pettis is Aiyuk proved himself last year and he was a first round pick. I will hold for now. I have Tonyan has my TE but Gronk and Goedert are on the waivers, should I go after one of them and drop Tonyan? Thanks again!

Yes i would. I don’t think you can go wrong either way, both will be more than solid. Brady really showed that connection he has with Gronk on thursday night, but you can’t expect a 2+ TD performance out of him every week. Too many mouths to feed in that offense.

Goaedart on the other hand i love, as i think the younger QB’s tend to favor their TE’s more. With Ertz out with a hammy there’s even more of a reason that he’ll be one of Hurtz go-to guys for the season.

There’s no wrong answer here though, both are guys are worth rostering and i think it’s a matter of personal preference.

Thanks again! Do we know how bad Ertz’s hammy is?