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Talk me off the ledge! Help with possible trade bait... anything!? Ha


12 team, full PPR, drafted 7th in a snake
Fitz, ODB
Demarco, Crow
Bench: Ginn (starting in place of ODB this week),M.Jones Jr, Beasley, Kamara, Riddick, Conner (picked up last week)

Horrible day… woodhead out in the 1st, ODB out and only decent showing was Fitz on the starting lineup. Riddick and Jones had decent days on the bench.
Anyone I should get rid of and or use as trade bait. I had a terrible draft from that 7th slot and I’m freaking out already. Although, not many did good this week with the exception of the team I matched up with (k. hunt). Maybe dangle woodhead and someone? I haven’t attempted many trades before and I’m not sure if I should or stick it out a few weeks with the lunch bunch…