Talk me off the ledge

Trade Fournette for Kerryon?

Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn, sucks to be you. No I’d try to trade for Michel at least. You should be able to get someone better.

Fortunately I have Michel…lol

No. You can get more than Kerryon.

I traded Fournette and Watkins for K. Allen and Powell last week. Looks good today, but I felt like I sold too low on Fournette. He does have very low stock now. Can you hold him? Do you need a win now? Kerryon is a beast but low volume.

I’m 1-3 and just lost to a guy who started Cam at QB this week. Doesn’t help I have Baldwin and Engram…injury bug bit early…

Nah keep fournette. That trade doesn’t help you. Need to get more