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Talk Me Out of It


Dynasty league…

Snead/Abdullah/Dixon/Coleman/Latavius as potential flex…

Debating trading OBJ and Ebron for Cooper and Gronk…thoughts?


I think the value is pretty much even. I’m not a big believer in Ebron, and I think getting the #1TE in return is a huge upgrade. Cooper is still a top 5 dynasty asset in my eyes.


Thx for the quick reply. I definitely think Cooper has the potential to be a top 5 WR as soon as this upcoming year. Watching him play he makes you crazy when he has those ghost games, but I think as time progresses and Crab is less of a factor his value is going to go through the roof. OBJ is really really tough to give up, but if Gronk can stay on the field for 12+ for a couple more years I’d feel great about the trade. I like Ebron’s potential, but it’s only potential at this point and he’ll never be a Gronk-like player IMO.


You’re gaining more in TE than you’re losing in WR. Ebron type TEs are easy to come by, I like this trade for you.


Man ya’ll are really tempting me to pull the trigger now lol. Dynasty aside I’d do it in a heartbeat, but being Dynasty it’s just tough to imagine giving up OBJ who could end up as one of the best statistical wrs in the history of the game. Blegh.


Keep OBJ, the guy has missed 1 game (suspension) since his rookie year, and is a lock for 1000+ yards, 10 TDs for another 6ish years


I hear you…only thing that’s making me lean the other way is I’m a huge Cooper fan and think that if/when he ups his td’s he’s going to be in that same category.


I get that. He is super talented for sure, I just can’t stomach giving up OBJ, but I could see it coming out as a win IF gronk stays healthy (or mostly healthy)


This could be a multiple championship winning trade for someone but it remains to be seen who for who

Currently it seems like the Cooper Gronk side is slightly better but Ebron could breakout and cooper could flop meaning you’d be the loser

Depends who you believe in more Cooper or Ebron


Personally I don’t believe in Cooper due to the fact all his TDs basically all come from big yardage plays. His redzone targets have also become abyssal which doesn’t look to turn around with the arrive of Marshon Lynch. Even if Marshon doesn’t last long in a Raider uniform with the investments in that O-line I believe they will still try a smash mouth attach near the goal line. Also it remains to be seen if Gronk can play a full season while I do believe he is a huge difference maker at the TE position what good does 6 or so games really make. I’d stick with OBJ side and try to play the TE roulette. OBJ is elite already and still young no reason to ship him off


I hear you…Being a raider fan however I think Cooper is due for some positive regression in the td dept especially as crab gets older. Cooper is a big play wr so I’m not worried about those disappearing but I do see him getting more rz opps as time goes on. Gronk is the main piece I suppose it’s based on his health and longevity. I’d say 10+ games of gronk a year is a lock for top 2-3 te lol


I hear you but Crabtree really isn’t that old and still has a decent amount of football left in him in my opinion. And no doubt 10+ games of Gronk will do that but the question boils down to whether or not you believe can stay healthy because if he gets injured its not just Gronk you lose its also the extra bench spot you need to spend on another TE.


Gronk health issues are a concern as well. I’d be curious to see what you have behind Ebron. You could be entirely without a TE. It’d be interesting to see what is on the waiver wire as well.


Behind Ebron I have Evan Engram who I don’t expect to be a factor for a couple years. Julius Thomas, Dwayne Allen, Jesse James, Antonio gates, Vernon Davis and Zach Miller are on the wire


Gronk and cooper for sure. I would stay away from obj


Gates should not be on the wire. I know that he’s old, but he’s so damn consistent. Dwayne Allen could play the Martellus Bennet role as a decent handcuff for Gronk. With those options on the wire I don’t think I could make this trade. I love Gronk as a Pats fan, but I hate when I have to replace him.


You also got to think about the qbs. Eli is on the decline, he will be out sooner rather than later…who gonna be throwing to obj


At least with Cooper you know he will have Carr for a while


I hear ya. I think the options on the wire are decent and I could potentially drop a guy like mcnichols or Aaron Jones for a te as much as that would suck lol


True. I do think however that obj is going to be a monster regardless of who is throwing the pill to him but that is a pt I’ve thought about.