Talk me out of Pryor

I’m in a 10 team half ppr league and I’m at the 9 spot… I’ve been planning on targeting Pryor at the 3.09 or 4.02 spot because he certainly won’t fall to me at the 5.09… I feel okay about taking him there because its not really too much of a reach and I fell his floor should be something like a safe 110 targets and 8ish TDs… I can’t even hope for anything like 140+ targets in Washington but I’m drafting him in the hopes that I’m getting a double digit TD guy with 120+ targets. Andy and Mike both seem to like him with ranks of 12 and 14… but then I see Jason has him ranked all the way down at 28… Jason isn’t the only “expert” I’ve seen who’s far lower on Pryor than everyone else… I guess my question is; Can any of you talk me out of Pryor? Is where I’m taking him in mocks too early for what I’m getting or is it an acceptable risk?

Personally I like Pryor too and I don’t think a 4th is reaching too far on him. I love washingtons high powered offense and losing Jackson and garçon gives him opportunity especially redzone. As long as there isn’t anyone tiers above Pryor at the time you’re drafting trust your gut and take who you like.

The truth is that Washington is a mystery to the entire community right now. Here are my thoughts.

Cousins is a great young qb, he has enough talent to support the group.
Crowder and Reed are both gonna get theirs this year as well and josh doctson Should show improvements if he stays healthy.

I agree with you about Pryor… love the talent, qb, and drive he has. I am worried that all of these guys will dig into each others production. I think the 4th round is a good fit for him.

Well I’m not big on guys like Hopkins or Thomas… I expect Pryor to do at least as well as Thomas did last year… Thomas is a safe pick but I don’t see him having top 10 upside on that offense… Pryor has the upside of being a big bodied WR for a QB who prefers big bodies and will throw for 4500+ yards. Now if for some reason Cooper or Baldwin fell to me I’d jump on it… but that probably wouldn’t happen lol.

If I don’t end up grabbing Pryor I’ll definitely be targeting Crowder later on… I feel like he’s extremely undervalued… but anyway, if things break Pryor’s way and him and Cousins’ develop a downfield rapport then I feel like the sky’s the limit… I think the biggest loser out of the changes this year could be Reed honestly… extremely talented guy but really he’s benefited from being the biggest target on the field for awhile now… That just isn’t the case anymore… not saying he’ll fall off completely… just that he seems like the most likely guy to lose targets going into this year with his health concerns… I think they brought in a big body like Pryor for that reason… the team obviously saw something they liked in him as a first year WR and I’d put money on that being his size/athleticism combo… The target share from Cousins is really the only negative I see attached to Pryor right now… with Cousins he’ll never get the 140+ targets most WR1’s get… that’s just a fact… but he’s large enough and athletic enough to sustain good stats… My only concern is his use in the RZ… if he gets those valuable targets then I think he’s easily pushing WR1… if he doesn’t then I think his floor is still relatively safe compared to other guys in that range.