Talk me out of this draft pick

I am planning on taking Hockenson with the 4th over all dynasty pick. I am assuming harry, jacobs, and montgomery are off the board. Standard scoring.

I have no obvious needs. My starting team is solid.

If you really want him, trade back and get something else with him. No way should he go that early unless you’re in a TE premium or 2 TE starters. I’d go Miles Sanders

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I would go Kyler

If you’re set on Hockenson I’d trade back a couple spots and pick up another piece. I always go BPA in these situations and you can always look to trade Sanders, Kyler, Metcalf etc later on.

As stated, absolutely trade back if he is your dead-set guy. I am not opposed to taking your shot, but you can get some value for pick 1.04. Do not go crazy, but even moving back a couple picks would be worth it IMHO.

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