Talk me out of this trade

Standard - 12 team - 6 teams make the playoff (wk14,15 & 16)

Start - 1-QB, 3-WR, 2-RB, 1-TE, 1-K, 1-Def

QB: R. Wilson
WR: J. Jones, A. Thielen, D. Parker, D. Funchess
RB: L. Bell, L. McCoy, J. McKinnon, K. Drake, D. McFadden
TE: C.Clay, A. S-Jenkins
K: S. Gostkowsi
Def: Detroit

Dilemma: I’m currently in 5th and appear very unlikely to finish top 2, which means I’ll be playing Week 14. Many of my league mates are carrying two defenses and streaming a top defense has become very expensive on the waiver wire. ( l have 20% of my FAAB left)

Week 14 Schedule
R. Wilson @ Jax ** and wk15 v LAR
J. Jones v NO
A. Thielen @ Car
D. Funchess v Min

Is this a bad trade on my part?? Trade deadline is Saturday.
J. McKinnon for Jaguars Def & D. Carr

Carr has a great playoff schedule: 14 @ KC and 15 v Dal
The Jaguars play LAC, Cle, Ari, Ind, Sea, Hou, & SF

Is this selling a top tier RB far too cheaply?? I’ve tried to trade J. McKinnon & D. Funchess for Jaguars, D.Carr & A. Cooper, but he wouldn’t bite. He also wouldn’t take K. Drake for D. Carr straight up. Frustrating as his RBs are A. Jones, T. Montgomery, & C. McCaffery.

Thanks for any advice

Sorry for the long post but advice needed.

J. McKinnon for Jaguars Def and D. Carr