Talk me through this trade - please

Full-ppr 12-man league. Currently in 3rd in my league and on a hot streak. I was offered CMC, Burrow, and Jefferson for Hill and Gibson. Thoughts on this trade?

My team:
QB: wentz, hill
RB: Sanders, Gibson, Ahmed, J. Jackson (IR), Wilson JR (IR)
WR: Adams, Krupp, Chark, Crowder, Jeudy, Samuel
TE: Waller

Can I ride Ahmed til CMC is back? Is CMC going to come back?

You can’t do it in my opinion unless you can either get a stable rb in the deal too or can get someone off waivers to cover if cmc is slow to return or doesn’t… Without an update on cmc return you could be down to Sanders as your only rb depending on what happens with Ahmed once gaskin is back. Far too much risk involved for my liking.

Ahmed could see you through though. But it’s a gamble too high for me.

Agree with above. Both CMC’s return and Ahmed’s longer-term viability are too uncertain and you don’t have the depth at RB otherwise. Not knowing when your deadline is, if you could hold the other team off for a few days to see if the situation clears up a bit first I’d do that. But as things are right now I’d pass.

You seem to have a good set of WRs, would they take one of them instead of Gibson?