Talkin Trades

Talkin for a trade right now… Deciding who i want to ask for…

I have: JuJu Smith, Landry, Hill, Ginn and Robby Anderson

Looking to get: Agholar, Hogan or DeSean Jackson.

Thinking Agholar and Hogan.


post bump…

Idk that’s a tough one ag is wentz favorite target right now and hogan has the Goat throwing him the ball. I’d also have to look at there remaining schedules and see but in the long run with amendola possible hurt I’d have to go hogan

My other thing is have you thought about packaging hill for anyone I traded him for dez because he was to inconsistent for me

For sure… thats what i was thnking… im gonna try to grab all 3.

Ya hill is up and down but not so much i want to trade him away.

Yea I just made the trade because I like dez remaining schedule and feel if zeke is gone he’s gonna be the man and maybe they somehow get martavis Bryant lol. But yea I’d stick with hill and maybe package 2 of those wr for juilo or someone like that

Ya thats my plan… my goal is to be WR heavy all with great WRs and see if i cant package and convince the Antonia Brown and Julio Jones owners to let them go. We shall see… maybe dez instead of julio…

well I hope it works out for you